Sinusitis – Are Antibiotics the Answer

No.  Between 50 and 70% of patients who go into a doctor and are diagnosed with sinusitis are prescribed antibiotics.  There is a new study that shows that prescribing antibiotics is not shown to speed recovery.  Most cases of it are of viral origin which antibiotics are ineffective against.  Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary modifications, and neti pots are wonderful treatments for this common winter problem.  Neti pots have been used for hundreds of years to clean out the nasal passages to improve breathablility.  A basic dietary modification can be to cut out dairy products and sugar while you are phlegmy.  It can increase the production of phlegm in your body, compounding the situation.  I recently was in NY for the holidays and was “coming down with the gook,” ie. A head cold which leads to a sinus infection.  I gave myself an acupuncture treatment, went on a herbal regiment and neti potted daily and cut it from the “normal” week to two weeks, to a couple of days!  I would highly recommend it J

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January 5th, 2007

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