Acupuncture for Migraine and Recurring Headaches

We have all had a headache once in our lives.  Occasionally we have had a doozy of one, where it knocks you out for a bit.  Some people though are plagued with migraine headaches, where they see auras, need to be in a dark room, or even have nausea and vomiting with it.  Some others are plagued with headaches that occur everyday from tension in the back of the head or perhaps located in the front.  A headache that occurs that regularly is certainly a headache (hold your laughter).  There was a study published in Cephalalgia in November 1999 from a study done on 1042 patients in Germany.  It showed that the patients who had acupuncture vs. sham acupuncture (done on points that would not have an effect on headaches) showed significant improvement.  The beauty of acupuncture is that it is so individual.  It looks at the “why” you are having headaches everyday, not just putting a bandaid on them.  It strives to get to the root so that while treating the root and branches together you are looking to rebalance the body so that the headaches resolve.  You look at diet, environment, the energy flow in the meridians, muscle tension, stress, etc.  It takes in the whole picture of what is going on in the persons life and works at peeling away the layers – a lot like detective work.  An occasional headache is a great indicator of something off balance in the day.  However if you or someone you know is having regular headaches, please have them consider acupuncture, it is not something that should be a daily or even weekly occurance!

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February 4th, 2007

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Every now and again, you find someone with a passion for helping others. You are such a person and professional. Since my teen years, I have suffered with dizziness that struck without warning and greatly impacted my daily activities and life. Thanks to your persistence, expertise and dedication to a solution, life is great!

- Jean Hogan, Portland, OR

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