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One of the worlds most used herbs is now being studied to help combat one of the worlds deadliest killers among children – E Coli.  This toxin is said to cause 210 millions cases of diarrhea worldwide, and is the cause of 380,000deaths.  They are studying one of the extracs, zingerone, to see its role in blocking the toxin produced by E. Coli. 

Ginger is used widely by cooks and herbalists alike. As an herbalist, I use ginger often to “warm” the body if there is a cold condition going on.  It is also widely used as a digestive aid for stomach upset, nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, pregnancy, and cancer chemotherapy, and to used as support with arthritis, heart disease and cancer.  When used for motion sickness, it can be taken before travel (in a tea, or more convenient capsule form), and during travel.  As a sufferer of motion sickness, this saves me, AND when I was pregnant traveling in Germany, I took my capsules everywhere to help combat motion sickness! 

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January 20th, 2008

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